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8th Floor, 2-9-28, Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city, Japan

Detailed Company Information

Company name Jikonaki Shakai Co., Ltd.
Representative Yoshiro Egami President
ZIP Code 816-0952
Address 3-2-20 Shimo-ori, Onojo-shi, Fukuoka
Phone No. 092-581-2232
Fax No. 092-571-3223
URL http://www.anzenkyouiku.jp/
Email address info@jikonaki.co.jp
Title Development and distribution of a new product "safe drive training for managers"
Purpose Market expansion
Business category Human resources development/Education
Catchphrase Safe driving training for managers based on the KM theory
Business outline We can easily reduce traffic accidents by doing only two things. We have studied what safe driving is, through scientific research for over 20 years, investment of over 200 million yen, and training to over 20,000 people. We will tell you what safe driving is, as well as how to dramatically reduce traffic accidents.
Presentation date 20/05/2014
Notes: The above is the information at the time of the presentation.
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