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8th Floor, 2-9-28, Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city, Japan

Detailed Company Information

Company name Win's Tec Inc.
Representative Kunihiro Anno President
ZIP Code 830-0048
Address 1650-9 Umemitsu-machi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka
Phone No. 0942-46-3020
Fax No. 0942-46-3021
URL http://www.wins-t.com
Email address kyosuke-anno.wt@mbe.nifty.com
Title Commercialization of a system using high temperature gas to remove die casting cores in a short time: "CORE BURN"
Purpose Market expansion
Business category New manufacturing technology (including labor-saving)
Catchphrase The world's first device that can easily produce hollow aluminum die cast product!
Business outline The world's first device that enhances Japan's international competitiveness! By using the core removal device made possible with our new technology, we can easily produce hollow aluminum die cast products. It had been a difficult challenge to put such products into practical use. By applying the technology in producing smaller, lighter and integrated car components, you will be able to greatly reduce costs and improve your product's performance.
Presentation date 26/02/2015
Notes: The above is the information at the time of the presentation.
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