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8th Floor, 2-9-28, Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city, Japan

Detailed Company Information

Company name Authentic Japan Co., Ltd.
Representative Kazufusa Kuga President
ZIP Code 819-0375
Address 1085-16 Tokunaga, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
Phone No. 092-407-2315
Fax No. 092-407-2315
URL http://www.authjapan.com
Email address info@authjapan.com
Title Commercialization of the device "Hitococo" that can trace missing people
Purpose Financing, Market expansion, Business pertnership
Business category Lifestyle/Life support/Amusement
Catchphrase We want to protect our loved ones. Commercialization of the life-saving device "Hitococo"
Business outline People looking for their family members who are buried alive, and SDF personnel searching for them with human wave tactics at disaster sites such as the sediment disaster in Hiroshima and mountain accident in Mt. Ontake. Everyone thinks, "Is there anything that can be done about it?" and our patented technology "Hitococo" solves the problem. It gathers attention also as a measure for the wandering problem of dementia patients (4.62 million nationwide).
Presentation date 16/12/2014
Notes: The above is the information at the time of the presentation.
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